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1955 Ferguson TO35

The Fergie was delivered today, and I had a pretty good time trying out the brush hog. I clearly need more work on that part, but the tractor runs well and only has a few mechanical items that need attention (that I know about now, anyway!). That seat is definitely not original and needs to go away…soon!


  1. Stan

    You dont still have the old tires you took off? they looked pretty good. I just picked up a beatup Ferguson TO-35 in Randle this weekend. Could also use a pto seal, sheetmetal and steering wheel. Any help or direction here?

  2. Roger

    Hi Stan, sorry, tires are long gone. Steering wheel and PTO seal are easy to find, there are lots of internet sources, and, of course, eBay (link at upper right). Sheet metal is harder to source, ebay is OK. Also do a google search for FENA, Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America.


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