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Ferguson Refresh

1955 Ferguson TO35

My car project this summer is going to be giving old Fergie a face-lift. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a bit of a dress-up over her current condition, which is pretty scruffy. I have a new pair of fenders, a new wheel center, and a few bits and bobs…and a couple of cans of paint. New tires, too. The machine will still need a full restoration at some point, but for the short-term this will be great.


  1. Kevin

    Hey, Buckwheat. Why don’t you spend your wad on some indoor plumbing, first? At least build another two-holer.

  2. Roger

    Hey, my sister-wife just spent all my money getting her nails done so I can’t afford no indoor plumbing. I went down to Lou-Lou’s Chevy Parts & Strip Club, yer mama says hi.

  3. CJ

    I am looking at buying a ’55 TO-35 this week. It is painted Massey red though (incorrect). I always like the old Fords, but this has more power and gears so it must be better!


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