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Whidbey Island Vintage Ride

1954 BSA Golden Flash

The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts had their almost annual Whidbey Island ride today, and I took the BSA. It was very enjoyable, with beautiful weather and a great selection of people and bikes. The BSA performed well but I am increasingly frustrated over how hard this bike is to start when it’s hot. It makes it not much fun at all to ride, knowing that if you stop for a break or lunch there is a chance you’ll be kicking forever trying to get it going again. I’m going to try and tackle the carb first, and see if that helps. The mag was expensively and professionally rebuilt, but hard starting hot is notoriously a symptom of a bad magneto.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Don’t feel bad… my E-type is the same way. Mad dogs & Englishmen you know.


  2. Kevin

    Righto! A very common ailment with older British transport. Make sure the carb if properly shielded from any high heat source (exhaust?) Sometimes the smallest fault will make a huge impact. It’s likely vapor lock or the mag. Call me if you need devine intervention.

  3. pappy

    mayber the professional mag rebuilder used a new/old stock condenser that had gone bad on the shelf. that makes it hard to start hot. i had that problem once on mt a10.


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