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Hopeless? Well, Duh

Chuck weighs in on my mental state, or rather, that I’m mental…what would he think if I told him I wouldn’t mind the car in the photo? I think this is the only marque to herald from “Herriot country.” One of the few cars I can think of named after a celestial body, too. Horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine. And apparently more than half of the production still exists, though it wasn’t really a success in its day.


Behold the Jowett Jupiter. It’s a rather homely device but unlike the Daimler SP-250, it wasn’t beaten until the ugly stick actually broke. (I took the photo at the Vancouver All British Field Meet in 2003, I think.)


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Celestial objects:
    Chevrolet Luna, Vega & Nova
    Subaru (Japanese for the Pliedes)
    Plenty more where those came from.

    As for the Jupiter, I think they named it after the wrong planet, it should have been named “Uranus”.


  2. Roger

    Well, I was actually thinking planets, and really I was actually thinking British cars named after planets…but even there, I think the list is fairly long. More evidence I’m a moron.

  3. Kevin

    I believe Mercury also made a model called the “Meteor”. Perhaps a nod should go to the forgetable Plymouth “Satellite”. A man-made celestial object. Some of the cars I’ve owned should have been launched out into deep space.


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