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Shooting Brake

shootingRolls Royce cars only appeal to me in their vintage form; I have no real desire to own one any later than the late 50’s. Frankly, I don’t have any great desire to own one at all, they’re just not my style. But I’d readily make an exception for the “shooting brake” in the photo. This is the true definition of an “estate car,” back when estates were actually more than a split-level house on a third of an acre. (This was taken at the same show as the Jowett.)


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Is it an Estate, or a Shooting Brake?

    I suspect the former since it has four doors. I’m pretty sure by definition a shooting brake is a two-door plus tailgate thing.

  2. Roger

    There is no difference that I can find (doesn’t mean there isn’t one). For example, this car is also called a “shooting brake” and clearly has four doors. Dictionaries list “station wagon,” “estate car” and “shooting brake” as synonyms…dunno.


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