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Low Miles!

The Triumph 955i has artificially low miles–due to a speedo glitch. (It’s probably not more than about 150 miles in arrears, but it is annoying.) More and more often, the speedometer ceases to register a speed (or add miles to the odometer; they’re both digital). This always coincides with the ignition key being used–it either works when you start the bike, and keeps working, or it doesn’t work and stays dead. I recently rode to my friend Matt’s in north Seattle, and the sequence of speedo operation? House to ferry, alive; ferry to Matt’s, dead; Matt’s to ferry, alive, ferry to home, alive. Other rides it’s the opposite.

When the speedo is “dead” it will sometimes display a speed of one mile per hour for a few seconds. I’ve wiggled wires but haven’t gone beyond that so far in trying to solve the problem, showing my usual initiative.


  1. Allie

    This is another British thing, isn’t it? ;)

  2. Scott

    I have a 2002 triumph 955i as well and I have the same problem. Sometimes the speedo works and sometimes it doesn’t. The first time it happened was after the battery died and I had to roll start it. I think a new battery might fix the problem but there is no guarantee.

  3. Roger

    Scott, that’s in interesting theory, and may well be right. I had to (yet again) put a new battery in the bike after winter storage and so far haven’t seen any problems with the speedometer.

  4. Dave

    I have the same problem and was told by a dealership that low voltage starts could be the culprit. I have already replaced the pickup unit and now have a new battery on the way. The sending unit did not fix the problem.

  5. Roger

    Mine is still acting up. What is interesting to me is I can “fix” it by making sure I let the bike run for more than a minute or so at speed, pull in the clutch, kill the ignition, glide for a few seconds and then restart. It almost always comes back, and works for the remainder of the ride.

  6. Dean

    I have a 2004 Daytona 955i and have the exact same problem with my speedo…anyone been able to figure out how to fix it? Happens about every 5th time I start the bike…it is getting a little annoying.

  7. Matt

    I am having this issue with my bike. I see you guys talked about this a few years ago but did anyone figure it out? please help.


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