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Triple SUs

Carbs from 1961 Jaguar XKE

This is the only “completely restored” part of my E-Type, the carburetors. I really enjoy this kind of work…sad to think it’s now been three or more years since I completed them! One day I’ll be working on that car again…almost ten years after I purchased it. Pretty pathetic. You can see the rebuild of these carbs in progress over at XKE Data.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    The 4.2 manifold is so much more attractive.

    But seriously, what is stopping you from completion? Just. Do. It.


  2. Roger

    It’s a matter of workshop space, or a lack of a workshop. I was making decent progress with a garage, but a complete lack of any covered shop space makes it impossible. Soon, I hope!

  3. chuck goolsbee

    Need space? I have space. I have a whole barn being used by ONE car. Yours for the asking (the space, not the car!;) )

  4. Roger

    Chuck, that’s a generous offer, but the logistics of getting from here to there would mean I’d probably get over about once a year. Like I said, I appreciate the idea, though.


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