A Mostly British Obsession

For Pity’s Sake!

A public service announcement:

I think the car is an Austin Sixteen from just after the war…and Harry Enfield is very funny stuff.


  1. Roger

    I have since been corrected by a friend who is convinced that it’s a Wolseley of the late 30’s. I’m not absolutely convinced, though.

  2. Roger

    Looks like the vid has been removed from YouTube. The never ending battle over copyright in the digital age is endlessly amusing. Exactly what harm was done, I ponder, by some folks watching this on YouTube? I had never heard of Harry Enfield before seeing this clip, so the idea that I would be queuing up to buy a DVD of his instead is silly. By having seen this, I’d actually consider buying a DVD. In other words, the pinheads are shooting themselves in the foot.


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