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E-Type Chrome


Not a lot going on in the Rusty Heaps world at the moment. After six years (!) I’m finally going to get my chrome back for the E-Type. The best evidence that there may be such a thing as Karma is that whenever I hand over parts or assemblies to be worked on by someone else, my own chronic tardiness is revisited tenfold.

XKE Data and XK Data have been joined by Saloon Data (for classic Jaguar sedans) and XJ-S Data (for fans of the Jaguar coupe). I’m also working on three other flavors of the data sites for non-Jaguar cars. It’s a bit of work, but folks seem to enjoy the sites so that’s worth it in the end.

(The photo shows my car on the day it was delivered.)


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Did you send the chrome to the same place that Paul sent his? Just curious.


  2. Allie

    So this is a real car, then? I thought it was a pretend car.

  3. Roger

    Chuck, nope, this is mostly my fault. The guy doing it only keeps your stuff on the surface of his rather messy shop for a bit, then it disappears into the dark corners and he is too busy to dig it out.

  4. Terry Wagner

    Just curious as owner of 875091. I do not see outside bonnet latch.Was wondering what the serial number of your car is.Thanks


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