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Dump Run w 1968 F250

I finally got rid of the rusty body shell from the “parts MGB” today. I had to surrender the title to do so, which I guess is proper–but also flushes my idea of finding a decent shell to put the saved mechanicals in. (Not that I’m ever going to get around to that, realistically.) So, with that, I’m going to remove 1964 MGB #2 from my current list–a victory for common sense, alas.

Shown in the photo is the trailer I part-own with my neighbor. It’s a neat design, all aluminum, so it’s pretty easy to haul. Need to do something with the sleazy wheels that are on it, though.


  1. Allie

    Farewell, rusty heap!! ;)

  2. Kevin C.

    Ah, The Roger Los version of a Trailer Queen ready to take the field at the ABFM. Well done.

  3. Pete Kinch

    I have a 64 MGB very straight, rust free body shell. No running gear, hood, doors or trunk lid but rest of body is ming. Have clear title.


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