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1968 Rover 2000 Parts Car

This is the parts car which came with the red Rover. It looks fairly decent from the outside until you begin poking at it, and then you realize that it is rusted beyond repair. Too bad, I kind of like this color more than the red.

I think I will swap the wheels onto the red car, though, I think the chrome Rostyles are pretty smart on these cars. It also has an original radio and roof-mounted aerial, which is neat.


  1. Ian Mott

    Does this car have an original radio that works?
    If so i would be very interested in buying

  2. Roger

    Ian, this car was sold and then scrapped, but I can see if the guy who dismantled it kept the radio and would be interested in parting with it.

  3. Dave Ayars

    Funny, you want to swap in the Rostyles for the covered wheels and I did just the opposite on my ’68. Always thought the stainless wheel covers were classier for this car. But then I like the red better than the blue, too, so go figure. Yours appears to be carmine rather than the original red that was more on the orange side. That’s the color (carmine) that I choose when I repainted mine, so our cars could be twins.

    The downside with the wheel covers is that the ones on front wheels gradually rotate and bend the tire stems, till the start to leak. Or is that just my car?

  4. Paulie

    You realize, I hope, that I know Rovers backwards, forwards, and inside out? If you need help (beyond the psychiactric help you *desperately* need) call me!


  5. Bruce

    Hi, I came across this, I use to have a 2000 TC and still have a 1960 rover 3 litre that I might be parting with. I am looking to see what interest is out there?


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