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ERA "Romulus"

This is the important ERA (English Racing Automobile), “Romulus,” as seen at the Bellevue All British Field Meet in 2007. The car is owned by Greg Whitten–who I occasionally saw around campus when I was contracting at Microsoft back in the early 90’s–that’s as close as I get to fame and fortune, which is good enough for me. He was very gracious at the show, going so far as to let my friend Jeff pose in the car (as seen above, I think the photo was even taken by Mr. Whitten).

Some more information on Romulus, from the British Racing Motors (Unofficial) Information Center:

ERA R2B “Romulus” 1.5litre R2B of 1935 was bought by the White Mouse team of Prince Chula for his cousin Prince Bira’s 21st. birthday. The royal pair from Siam (Thailand) ran the team as highly professional amateur team boss and driver. The car was painted light “Bira” blue. R2B achieved good results throughout 1935 with no retirements and two good second places at its first outing at Dieppe, France and the Berne Grand Prix, Switzerland.

In 1936 the White Mouse team added R5B to their stable so R2B became “Romulus” and R5B “Remus” after the Roman Twins. “Romulus” took Bira to good results on demanding circuits and against strong opposition – A fine win at Monaco – A second on the Isle of Man – A third at the Nurburgring – A win at the Picardy Grand Prix, France – and also a win at Brooklands ahead of team founder Mays in the works ERA!

In 1937 R2B was becoming left behind in mainland Europe by more modern machinery but was still a front-runner in a successful campaign within the British Isles.

In 1938 the White Mouse team took on a third ERA, R12B/C, which relegated R2B to lesser British events. The car not only showed impressive reliability but also won half of its races that year.

For 1939 R2B added yellow wheels and chassis frame to its light “Bira” blue bodywork to match the newly specified national racing colours of Siam. The car replaced a damaged R12C to score a third in Albi, France followed by hibernation during the Second World War.


  1. Allie

    What a CUTE car!!

  2. Kevin C.

    OMG! Our mutual friend, Mr. Groves looks happy. It’s amazing what photo-edit software can do. Nice work.


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