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Winter Wonderland

1968 Ford F250

We were promised a local blizzard and we got…nothing. This is a photo from last year when we got a few inches of snow. (The amount you see here is enough to send all of western Washington state into a panic, with such curiousities as people chaining up on bare roads, abandoned cars in the middle of slushy but otherwise OK roads, etc., etc. It really is quite amusing.)


  1. chuck goolsbee

    We’ve seen quite a bit over here in the Cascade Foothills today. I’d guess about 2″ overnight. A few waves of flurries. Mostly melting fast between waves though.


  2. Roger

    I should note it was my bride who took the photo, lest I get a copyright takedown notice. ;)

  3. Anrhony

    I took a picture EXACTLY like this of my 1972 F250!
    If you could veve me your e-mail that would be AMAZING!
    i am 19 and obsessed with ’67-’72 fords! please drop me a line, and I would love to talk, and exchange pics!
    i am from western Washington, please, I love your gallery!


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