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Biscayne Beached

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne

Most classic car enthusiasts have fantasies of finding a rare car while poking around the countryside–perhaps a Deusenberg sitting on four flat tires in a barn, or a “fuelie” Corvette waiting to be rescued in a carport. Heck, if we’re going to dream, maybe even finding one of the factory Jaguar E-Type Lightweight race cars in a suburban garage under a pile of boxes–but who am I kidding, that’s preposterous.

What I tend to find are cars like this decaying Biscayne, discovered in the woods on a piece of property we were considering a few years ago. (Needless to say, it’s still there.) The Biscayne was the bottom-of-the-line full-size sedan in Chevrolet’s 1959 line-up, though they aren’t often seen these days for that very reason. What struck me about this car was how very complete it is, glass aside. There are a couple of minor bits of trim missing, but otherwise it looks like it was driven to its current resting place–mind you, probably about 1979!

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  1. Kevin C.

    Yes, far too many of these cars were left to rot in the decades past. Near perfect examples from the ’50’s could be had for little money in the old disco seventies. This may have have been a car that needed more $$ put into it than it was worth and was dumped. I am most certain devine providence led you to this vehicle to begin it’s full Pebble Beach quality restoration. Enjoy.
    Two books I strongly recomend are “Cobra in the Barn” and “Hemi in the Barn”. Great stories about the discovery and recovery of some very interesting cars. Great snowy day reading!


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