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Now Those Are Snow Tires

1955 Ferguson TO-35

As it turns out, we did get some snow, albeit a day late. As you can see, the drifts are nearly insurmountable–we may not be able to get out of the house for weeks. (Well, OK, this is a typical Puget Sound lowlands snow, a couple of inches which, none-the-less, sends the locals into a panic.)

1955 Ferguson TO-35

1955 Ferguson TO-35

As you can see, I haven’t got around to putting the opening part of the hood back on, nor have I cleaned it since the final (and only!) mow of the previous year. Tractor abuse, to be sure.

After sitting for four months she started on the button, instantly. I was tempted to putter around the neighborhood, but people around here get so anxious in the snow I thought better of it.


  1. Roger

    I made a couple of movies of the tractor running in the snow, but they even put me to sleep–so I won’t inflict them on the rest of the world. Count your blessings!

  2. Kevin C.

    OMG, Roger. You’re now posting comments to yourself? Is it snow madness? Anyway, the tractor is looking good, comrade.

  3. Jon

    Very nice tractor Roger. My friend and I went and looked at one similar today. What size are your rear tires they look bigger than the ones on this tractor, They were 12.4/28 & 11/28 had both measurements on tht tire. also are your rims the stock ones? Thanks so much and again nice tractor.

  4. Roger

    Jon, as I recall these are the optional “flotation” wheels and tires. They’re 13.4 x 24, I think. One of the rims is the original, the other is from a different Ferguson, same size.

  5. Richard Miller

    Would like to restore a 1955 Ferguson…any suggestions where to get details for the correct paint and decals…?

  6. Philip

    Nice Ferg. I own a TO35 that my grandad bought new in 54. (that was the year I was born). He past it to my dad and then my dad to me. I grew up on the tractor and was driving it by myself when I was 10. Your pictures inspired me to restore it. I would be grateful if you could share some info with me. Paint colors and rear tire size to start with. Thanks…Philip

  7. Nate

    What size are those amazing rear tires? I have a 1995 Ferguson TO-35 as well. I’m restoring it and it’ll be all done in a couple of weeks. Thanks slick tractor!


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