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Hello 1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

I’ve wanted a nice early MGB GT for awhile now, and now I own this example. These early GTs had pleasing crackle-finish metal dashes, old-style switches, low-back leather seats, the early style grille and non-syncro gearboxes–all things I admire.

A friend spotted this for sale (in San Diego) and I’ve agreed to buy it for a very reasonable price, even if you include the shipping. The previous owner bought it in the early 1970s and, aside from the severely sun-faded paint, it’s largely original and runs well.

The car does not have overdrive, which is the only upgrade I’d care to make from the original specification. I have yet to own an MGB with overdrive, which is surprising given how much nicer it makes the car on the highway. Ah, well, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another non-sycro O/D gearbox…


  1. chuck goolsbee

    What is this thing called “shipping” you mention? Is that the cost of the one-way plane ticket to get into the car to drive it home?


  2. Roger

    Wish I had the time, Chuck. Alas, I don’t, and the shipping deal I’m getting is probably cheaper than driving it back would be.

  3. Kevin C.

    Very nice. Looks amazingly straight and clean. Could use a buff. Why don’t you sell it to me at a loss?

  4. Roger

    I have the OD you’re looking for.

  5. Barney Jackson

    Roger—-I have an early non-syncro gear box woth overdrive—even have a spare, in the box, o/d unit factory rebuilt, never been used. If interested, drop me an email

  6. Paulo

    Hello from Asten, The Netherlands… what a nice looking car! For sale? Name your price my friend.

  7. Jon

    Wow, this is incredible! I was feeling nostalgic for the 1967 MGB GT because I grew up with one in the family. My dad bought it a few years before I was born, and sold it last year. It had sat at the curb too long and it was time for someone else to take good care of it. I stumbled across your website, and lo and behold, there it was! Not just any ’67, but THE ’67 that sat in front of our house for the better part of four decades! I’m curious, do you still have the original black plate (VZZ 310)? I haven’t asked my dad if he kept it. Please, if you have a chance, keep the pictures coming! As i said, this car holds a lot of fond memories for me and my family.

  8. Roger

    Jon, a pleasure to hear from you! I update this car fairly often, please check back and use the category “1967 MGB GT” on the top right to find all of the entries.


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