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GT Arrives from Sunbake City

1967 MGB GT

The ’67 GT arrived today from San Diego. My friend Paul is manning the wheel while Dave (of “Dave and the Dog” auto transport) guides him off the trailer. The car is very straight, valance panel aside, and the paint is baked, along with the interior. But it’s a nice car. And as a bonus, it was originally painted Grampian Grey, a nice medium grey which I hope to return the car to.

Truck Load of Oil Leaks

Paul had his dad’s E-Type (a late ’67 car) and a new (to him) ’68 Lotus +2 shipped up as well. The Porsche is not “ours” and was just along for the ride.

1967 MGB GT

My car has a bit of bubbling in both lower front fenders but the rest is extremely solid and rust-free. The original spare is still in the boot. The interior is completely baked by the sun, everything is dried out or faded or both, but aside from the shift lever and choke knob, everything is as it left Abingdon. (I’ve bought an overdrive transmission for it, too–that will be a later post!)

1967 MGB GT

I had hoped the car would be “buffable” but it’s not, the cheap red paint is flaking off. But I can’t tell you how tickled I am that the original color is the rare Grampian Grey. With a red interior, the car will be striking.

The car seems to run well (once we put some oil in the carb dashpots). It needs a tune-up, but it seems to go down the road well. The tires are completely dry-rotted, so they will be replaced this week. Anyway, out to wash it for the first time in years.


  1. Kevin C.

    A very nice score. I kinda like the red, but it would be nice to see the original color. Was the engine painted as well? That shade of gray was never a real popular choice when new and most survivors have long since been painted over. I think Grampien Grey may have been unique to the MGBGTs of that vintage.

  2. Kevin C.

    Mr. Groves will love the “Grampien Grey” BTW.


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