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Another Magneto Rebuild

1954 BSA A10 Golden Flash

Here is the BSA in a friend’s borrowed shop, with the timing side cover off and the magneto removed in preparation for another rebuild of the balky electrical device, this time hopefully for good. I would ride this bike a lot more than I do, but the poor starting from hot makes it a chore, not a pleasure. I’m dropping the mag in the mail tomorrow; hopefully by this time next week Bill will be able to tell me what is wrong and how much it will be to fix it.

I need to reseal the front forks, too, a job which is not much fun. Not going to worry much about it at the moment. The bike also needs a detail in the most desperate way, and that I will take care of!


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Detail? You could eat off this bike and then perform surgery with it!

  2. Kevin C.

    Roger has done just that…many times.

  3. steve

    hi roger nice bike i have gf and i got rid of the magneto and put a datsun 1200 distbutor in it becuase it has the cyntrivcal advance its starts first time every time just a thought if you get sick of rebuilding maggys’ like i did the other thing i have put on my bike which was the best mod was belt drive primary 2005 thunder bird clutch basket and the convertion gave a slightly higher gearing from standard which is great for modern roads


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