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Door Jambs Stripped

1967 MGB GT - door sill stripped

Used “aircraft stripper” on the door jambs today, and it worked pretty well. You can tell it’s pretty potent because it stinks all to heck, like carb cleaner on steroids.

(Carb cleaner, the kind you buy in a paint can with the little wire basket to dunk parts into the fluid, is by far the worst smelling chemical you’re likely to use around a car, not to be confused with “carb and choke cleaner” that you buy in an aerosol can. I won’t use the “paint can” type; indeed, my friendly local machine shop refuses to work on parts that have been cleaned with it–that’s how awful it is.)

The shell now just needs the wheel arches wire brushed, some detailing where I couldn’t get into the corners, and then a pass with scotchbrite to give the primer something to chew on.

1967 MGB GT project

The shell just before I attacked it with the paint stripper. The next time I’m in to the shop I hope to get the rear hatch stripped, the visit after that the doors, and then the front fenders and bonnet. Feels like things are moving a bit, finally.


  1. jeremy!

    any plans to tear the interior out during this?

  2. Roger

    When the paint is done I will be redoing the interior, red with black piping. In the meantime, there’s no harm in leaving it in, it will be masked off for paint, in any case.

  3. Ben Eyes

    Looks like pretty effective stripper…what brand did you use?


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