A Mostly British Obsession

Imaginary Car, Late 2009

1970 and 1961 XKE Jaguars

Visited Mark at Britsport today, and got a chance to see my E-Type again. Not much has changed (we’re waiting to paint it until I have a shop to reassemble the car), but by coincidence, a later car painted the same color that mine was (and will be again) was parked next to it, and I grabbed a snap.


  1. Allie

    That’s a lovely color.

  2. Charlie Lumb

    Dear Mr. Los, Yes, nice color. I am sitting on #850034 which coincidentally is also Rat gray, a color offered by Jaguay as a fifty year anniversary factory option. Just thought I would say hello and offer my sympathy. Cheers!

  3. phill darlington

    Hi great colour im just about to paint my 69 coupe is their a code for the paint.


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