I took an hour or two and cleaned the inner fender on the right side of the engine bay. A bit of touch up and some wax, and it will be fine for this non-show car. The paint is 42 years old, after all. It’s a shame that the cotton cover on the wiring loom dissolved when it was touched, because mechanically the loom is in good condition. I will probably (for the short term) wrap it in cotton tape, which won’t be “right” but keeps me from forking out $450 for a new loom–and the repair will look better than what’s there.

I will be repainting all of the black-painted bits like the heater, radiator support, washer-bottle base, air cleaners, and what-not. These were cheaply painted when new and don’t generally weather the years as well as they might.

Inner panels seam sealed

I also have seam-sealed the inner fenders and new metal repairs. Over the weekend I will be scuffing up the body with scotch-brite in preparation for taping-off and primer early next week. I still have some stripping to do of fenders and bonnet, but I hope to tackle those very soon. The goal is still to have the car painted by the new year. We’ll see!