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Ford Troubles

I rebuilt the carb on the F250 a couple of weeks ago, and on Tuesday, that little bit of maintenance came back to bite me in the behind as the truck spluttered to a halt halfway up the hill a mile from home. I was able to coast all the way back into the carport, so Goldie was at least halfway decent about the whole thing.

This led me to replace the fuel pump (misdiagnosis on my part, but, hey, new fuel pump) and the coil–which was arcing everywhere, as it turns out. The distributor cap oddly enough had one completely corroded wire terminal–I mean, there was nothing left. So it’s had kind of a mini-tune-up and will be running on at least one more cylinder than it was recently.

But the problem appears to have been the new float needle valve seat coming loose, which would lead to constant flooding, I would guess. I put the carb back together and on the truck tonight, and it appears to be running well again. C’est la vie.


  1. Kevin C.

    Sounds like the Ford wants become more like an MG, but actually it was likely some form of karma coming back on you. Much more to go, I’m sure. Sleep well.

  2. John Gronquist

    What the.. This is almost a clone of the truck I had in High School. ‘cept mine was rust-mixed-with-white, and the frame was sagging.

  3. George Smith

    A dead ringer, including color etc for my 1968 Camper Special. I have to change the fuel pump, but there is so many obstacles to get to it I expect it will not be easy. Already bought a new fuel pump so I am committed. Did you have any problems changing yours?


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