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Cool Wagon: Citroën CX

Citroen CX

What a fantastic wagon. For just under $10,000, why would you consider anything else? (Maybe Mrs. Rusty Heaps would like to trade in her Outback for this. Lots of room for dogs in the back, and the diesel gets over 30 MPG, that’s 1/3rd better than the Subaru.)

Find it here on eBay, unless my lobbying efforts succeed.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    The lack of a turbocharger makes this a creeper, so not a great intro to the world of Diesels. Ever owned an oil-burner before Roger?

  2. Mrs. Rusty Heaps

    Oh no.

  3. Roger

    Chuck, it has been a point of pride to having never owned an oil burner. I’d make an exception for something this cool. You can see Mrs. Rusty Heaps is excited about the idea.

  4. Chris Keen

    With that tall-boy roof, forget the dogs, you could get a miniature pony in there! Looks like it sold for $9500 already, though.

  5. Kevin C.



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