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First Coat of Primer on the GT

1967 MGB GT, First primer coat

The first coat of high-build primer went on the GT today. Jim did most of the prep and spraying–I did a bit, enough to show I definitely can use some practice. My goal is to get the fenders, bonnet and doors ready for primer by the end of next week, in addition to getting the initial blocking and fill done on this car.

1967 MGB GT, first primer coat

This is a nice straight old car. Hopefully the extra work we’re doing to seam seal and prime the inner structure at the front will help keep it that way for a long time to come.

1967 MGB GT, first primer coat

Sorry about the cruddy photos, there wasn’t much room to move around in the booth and my cheapie camera definitely doesn’t do wide-angle.


  1. Allie

    I recognize that color. That’s grey. Right? ;)

  2. Roger

    I should note the car is going to have the wheel wells and underside finished in truck bed liner in black or dark grey, so we’re not being too fussy about overspray onto the underside at this point. I will also be dropping the front suspension to rebuild it and repaint the components after the paint and interior are finished.

  3. Jared Hoke

    My mother (yes, my MOTHER) owned one of these; a ’67 in british racing green with real leather seats. A wonderful machine, which she loved extravagantly (the hatchback is so practical, and it’s a sweetheart to drive). Rust eventually caught up with it, and she replaced it with a Porsche 912-E (some mother, eh?).


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