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Final Color Coat, Part 1

paint booth

By this time tomorrow, the painting of the GT will be done, unless the red gods decide something needs to go haywire. (I will still need to flat it out and polish it up.) Here you can see it in the first of its two final color coats, before any clear goes on.

Paint booth II

I think my friend Chuck will be able to identify the car just outside the paint booth. (CG: Jim also has a Zagato version of that car, parked just out of sight, plus a bunch of other oddball little Italian coupes.)


  1. chuck goolsbee

    OMG A Lancia Fulvia. I love the Zagato’s even more.

    Call me weird, but I’d rather have one Lancia or Alfa Romeo than a boatload of Ferraris. (Of course I’d have to sell the boatload of ferraris first to afford the upkeep on the Lancia & Alfa!)

    As for your color choice… gotta say it: Looks like shiny primer! ;-)


  2. Roger

    Chuck, come down one day and I’ll introduce you to Jim. Just in this shop building are multiple Lancias, oddball Alfas, Lambos, Cosmos (including the one you took photos of) and more.

    As to your lack of taste regarding proper colors, well, I cannot possibly comment.

  3. chuck goolsbee

    Where is “down”?

    Chromatic greys were all the rage when I was in design school. Really Gray Greys? Still look like shiny primer.

  4. Roger

    I hope you picked up I was poking a bit of fun. People either really like or really dislike this color.

    “Down” is here on South Whidbey.

  5. chuck goolsbee

    I know… count me in the latter camp! ;)

    You know, in a few weeks I should have a lot of free, time so I will likely head down and have a look.


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