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Final Color Coat, All Glossed Up

1967 MGB GT Painted

The final coats of clear went on the GT today, and it looks great. I need to flat it out with 1500 paper and polish it to get out the few nibs, and there is one run which needs to shrink for a few days and then get sanded out. Many thanks to Jim for his efforts in getting the car to this stage!

1967 MGB GT Painted

Below is a similar panorama to yesterday’s, only all glossy. And not very well color balanced.

GT, Painted


  1. Allie

    Shiny! Alas, still grey. :P

  2. j.groves

    Well, it’s no “Arlington Mk1”, but pretty decent nonetheless! It will be nice to see her with all the doors & such finally back in place. Super job!…onwards!….j


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