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A 1931 Visit to the MG Factory

Here’s a short film showing the MG works in 1931, with the proverbial happy couple picking up their new Magna. The spray booth…oy. Word has it paint shop guys never lasted very long, you may get a hint as to why by watching this.

There is no sound, just title cards. The embed code they give doesn’t seem to actually embed the player here (not sure if it is supposed to or if this is just a “quirk”), but clicking on the image above will take you to British Pathe’s page featuring the video.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    There is a suspicious lack of hammers in this video!

  2. Chris Keen

    I was pretty amused by this part, given the leg-pulling you’ve been getting for your color choice: “In the Paint Shop, where workshop grey is changed to cheery colours.”

    I like the grey… anything but red if you ask me.


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