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Whidbey Island European Sports Car Club, March 2010

Panorama, WIESCC March 2010

Time for another meeting, being the first Saturday of the month. Glorious weather brought out a bunch of cars–“European” in the “club” name is a suggestion only!

Old School Rod - 29 A, Buick power
You know, I’m not much of a rod fan, but I’ll make an exception for something like this. Excellent taste and an interesting spec (buick engined), this puts 99% of other rods to shame and should make all “rat rod” owners take up beer can collecting or something. Old school in the most genuine and most complimentary sense.


Jaguar, Lotus, Jensen Healey, Lotus, Porsche
From the back, Jaguar XJ-S, Lotus Elise Club Sport, Jensen Healey, Catherham 7, Porsche 912 (I think, might be a 911)

Lotus, Volvo, Porsche
Lotus Elan +2, Volvo 122, Porsche

Porsche, Lotus, Triumph, Lotus
Porsche, Lotus Esprit, Triumph TR3, Lotus Elan

Lotus Elan
Lotus Elan

Lancia (Flaminia?)

BSAs and Norton
BSAs, Norton, Porsche, Jaguar
Two BSAs – A Gold Star and M33 (I think), plus Norton 850 Commando

Healey 100, Lotus, MGB
Healey 100, Lotus Elise, MGB

MG Magnette, BMW 2002, Special
MG Magnette, BMW 2002, Special


Porsche, MGA, MGB
And if you get there really late you park back here…Porsche, MGA, MGB


  1. automobiliac

    What a delightfully diverse group of cars! Very cool!

  2. Roland Shaak

    killer cars dude..hey look Mr. Porsche here
    93 RS america, just sold a to die for 9146 GT and i would like to join the club, and i have friends coming up from LA on the 7th to hang here at admiral’s cove, Coupeville fri sat and i want to bring them to see the rides and grab beer an bird seed and is Gerry’s open for breakfast…???

  3. Tom Albright

    I have a few European& US classics I will eventually restore and would like more info on the club. Thanks………Tom

  4. Roger

    If anyone is interested in joining us, drop by Gerry’s restaurant the first Saturday of the month, roughly around 9:00. This is an informal group, no dues or newsletters or anything.

  5. Chad Bluem

    Met the group in Feb. of this year 11. Great bunch and great cars. I’m a student with a boxster which is no longer oil rententive and I’m lookin for “Joe the Porsche Mechanic.” Would love to hear of someone on Whidbey.

  6. Chuck Schultz

    I am interested in rebuilding a 1960’s 911 Porsche. I live in Clinton.


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