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Override the Overriders?

1967 MGB GT

With or without overriders on the front bumper? Trying to decide, not that it’s a permanent decision.

1967 MGB GT

The repro grille didn’t fit any better than expected, and the bumper fit leaves a bit to be desired as well, but they don’t look terrible. That said, the fit of the left overrider wasn’t great, but it wasn’t great on the original bumper, either (the overriders are identical). If I leave them off, I have spare button-head bolts to fill the holes. The badge on the grille doesn’t quite match the bonnet, but again, neither did the original, so I guess that means something is consistent (even if that thing isn’t a “good” thing!).


  1. Cody

    I personally like the overriders, but then again I’m big on the classic look. I think it adds to the lines of the car…poor man’s Aston. I do wish you’d upload photos in a higher res as this is a very nice project.

    Cannot wait to see the finished project!

  2. chuck goolsbee

    I like the clean look of the car minus the overriders! I suspect this is what the designer had in mind.

  3. Mark Webber

    I like the overriders myself. I think that particular grille looks better with the “incisors.”

  4. Don

    Yea to the overriders. There was a grille guard that was fitted to MGBs that you might add also to really give the front of the car a finishing touch.

  5. Mitchell

    Have to go with the Over riders gives it the old school look love it well done


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