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Side Moldings

1967 MGB GT

Not much to report–I got the side moldings on, and they look pretty good. As I add pieces to the car I discover all of the places I missed while hand-buffing, so I get to do those, too.

Hope to fettle the front bumper mounting to get it a bit tidier, while adding the overriders back (I’ve decided to go with them) tomorrow, as well as installing the rear bumper. I also hope to get the dash top out (and recover it at home on Saturday). I’m planning on trying my hand installing the windshield on Sunday–the MGB GT windshield is supposed to be extra-fun to install, so I’m looking forward to that!


  1. Todd N

    Nice Car! Love the grampion gray. I about to begin restoration of my 67 BGT!

  2. Kevin C.

    Installing the GT windshield is a character building experience. I remember seeing an illustration of a factory hand-held roller device tool for getting the stainless steel molding in the rubber surround. Once you’ve done it, MG’ers will be in awe of you. Good luck!

  3. Chris Smart

    Overiders or not.
    Far far cleaner lines.
    Looks like chrome teeth on a 1950’s Buick with.
    Less is always more in the clutter department.
    Just my opinion.


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