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Rear Bumper

Mazda Cosmo, MGB GT

I got the rear bumper and a few other gubbons on the car today. The bumper doesn’t fit as well as I would hope, but my car did have a fender-bender on the driver’s side in the back at some point in its life. That’s the corner that is being recalcitrant, so it’s probably a mix of slightly wonky bumper and slightly wonky car. The owner is beyond slightly wonky, of course.

1967 MGB GT

The badging is amusing: the lower little pegs for the “M”, “G” and the ocatagon that contains them cannot be reached with the fasteners, being secreted in a blind space too small for any tool I have to reach. So they will remain held in by gravity.

I decided to keep the San Diego MG Club plate frame as it’s a significant part of the car’s history and just seems right.

1967 MGB GT

Shown is original Grampian Grey exposed when I took the dash top off to redo the vinyl. As you can see, it’s a pretty close match to the color I repainted the car.

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  1. Kevin C.

    Glad you stayed with the overriders. The San Diego MG Club license frame is a nice vintage touch.


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