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Hatch Latch

1967 MGB GT

After yesterday’s ruinous attempt at polishing some of the aluminum trim (resulting in a decision to pay someone to do it), I got a few things done today. I got the hatch latching mechanism installed, as well as the support stays. Thankfully Jim has a ’69 parts car I was able to steal some hardware from, as this car had none of the special pieces needed for the stays.

1967 MGB GT

I also removed the front bumper and replaced the new repro mounting brackets with the original mounting brackets, which gave a much better fit. And it does look better (to my eye) with the overriders.

Next tasks are the recovering of the dash top, painting the dash crash rail (with vinyl paint), install the new rear muffler and mount (which should be fun, as someone had jammed a metric bolt into the captive nut on the body), and then the front and rear glass (without trim, for the time being).

And I’m going to dwell on whether the rear bumper fits well enough or if I want to monkey with it. At this point, I’m inclined to leave it.

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  1. jeremy!

    last time i checked in was a few months ago. project is looking great!


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