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“Free” Rover Sterling 827

So could I make some pocket money by resurrecting a free Rover Sterling 827 sedan in decent condition but needing tires and a water pump? I’m guessing not. I’ve never particularly been fond of them but from all accounts they’re decent cars. A friend spotted one and asked about it, the owner saying “take it away if you want it.”

The parts themselves aren’t too pricey but looks like the Acura engine uses the cam belt to run the water pump, so there is undoubtedly some fun there. (Looks to be about an eight to ten hour job reading through the procedure, and since it involves removing the timing belt, you might as well do that, too.) The tires are the death knell, really.

I’d be a bit shocked if you could even get $1000 for a decent condition Sterling. So I think I’ll just skip this one unless someone offers me a compelling reason to do otherwise.


  1. Kevin C.

    Sounds like the perfect car for you, Roger. A money pit that is worth nearly nothing after putting mucho $$$ and time into it. A hard lesson in life on four wheels waiting for someone who needs the schooling.

  2. Don

    These cars are best left to die a natural death.


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