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Rain Gutters and Vent Windows

1967 MGB GT

I got the rain gutter trim on today, along with the vent windows. I’m pretty unimpressed with my work on the gutter trim, but it’s shiny and passes a “glance” test, though not a very close one. I think I will leave it for the time being and buy a set of new trim when they’re remanufactured again. Rear window trim is going to be the same story.


  1. Kevin Teabag

    Looking very sharp, Roger. I wouldn’t hold my breath over some of that trim being remanufactured again. Very pricy tooling and simply not enough GTs around for a decent ROI. More money in making bling for Gomers who want to pimp their Hondas, Toyo’s, and so on.

  2. Tom

    Excellent work. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying “watching” this car’s transformation. I love the unique color. Regarding your trim, here’s a great primer on trim restoration. http://www.widman.biz/Corvair/English/Links/Polishing.html
    Also, the car in the background of your photo is quite interesting. Would you tell me what is please?

  3. Roger

    Thanks, guys. Tom, the car in the background is a Lancia Fulvia GT Zagato, c. 1972 I think. Thanks for the link to the polishing guide…I made the mistake of handing my polishing off to a dude who frankly didn’t give a crap, far as I can tell. I thought he was going to take dings out, etc but didn’t. I pretzeled a piece of unobtanium myself on my wheel…plus, I’ve spent way more time on the trim than I care to think about. So it will stay like it is for a bit. It looks OK but isn’t perfect by any means.

  4. Allie

    All spiffed up like that, I don’t mind the boring color so much now. ;)

  5. Don

    It looks great! What is the origin of the colour name “grampian grey” anyway? I had a ’67 B GT that was my daily driving car for many years. It was “primrose yellow.” Wish I had it now.


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