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Doors All Set

1967 MGB GT

After struggling with the driver’s door reassembly yesterday, I came in today with a fresh air of eyes and (with some gratefully received help from Jim) got the door vent window to fit pretty well–the passenger one went together just fine. As far as the exterior goes, the only thing really left to do is fit the front and rear window trim. (I should also hit the wheel wells with truck bed liner, not a bad thing to tackle as I’ve got the lift space for the next few days.)

1967 MGB GT

I think at this point I’ll probably be taking the BSA to the Canada show, as I just don’t think I’ll get the interior panel kit in time. They have basically four weeks and I’m not convinced that they’ll be ready.

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  1. j.groves

    Good lord, you have been busy! I didnt know you had put the window trims back on, they look super, as does the whole car…keep it up! By the way, I may need some help with the “M.G.forum” site as they seem to ask 1 or 2 questions that are a bit puzzling. I’ll call you later about it……j


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