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Repainted dash, 1967 MGB GT

I spent today cleaning up the dash after my failed experiment painting the new rubber sill covers. (They really do need specialized dye.) I didn’t want to get into pulling the dash, so I masked everything (see photo below) and spritzed some semi-gloss black on over the original crackle.

Masked Dash, 1967 MGB GT

The original crackle is nowhere near as “crackly” as modern crackle paints, hence I didn’t want to use those. This was just a quick aesthetic tune-up, in any case. The contrast between the unpainted radio blanking plate and the rest of the dash is nowhere near as much as the top photo suggests. Anyway, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Next up is new carpets, which will be exciting to see, though fitting them to places like the wheel arches will be a chore.


  1. Don

    If you want to go all out for original look for the floors of your B, there’s a company in Australia- sportsparts@bigpond.com.au that makes original type floor mats for Mk 1 MGBs. They are available in black only, but that was probably the colour that your car was fitted with when new. Mats are not cheap though.

  2. Roger

    I plan to go with original-style materials eventually, but I’m kinda out of money and time and have carpet to cover those areas at hand–so that’s what it will be for now.

  3. Kevin Teabag

    I have a pair of used, but good condition black MGB rubber mats that are yours for the asking.


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