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BSA to Vancouver

1968 Ford F250 1954 BSA A10

I took the BSA up to the Vancouver All British Field Meet at Van Dusen Gardens on Friday. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I suspect the combo above might just be a bit too much gold, like seeing an older couple wearing matching outfits.


My friend Jeff and I caravaned up there on Friday and overnighted in downtown Vancouver, to await the show on Saturday. The only real snag we ran into: we managed to hit the Frasier River tunnel while the reversible lane was closed against us, therefore we had the pleasure of participating as five lanes merged into one. (The F250 made it to Vancouver and back without a hitch, so no complaints in the elderly-fuel-guzzling-truck department.)

BSAs at Van Dusen

There was an excellent turnout of bikes for what is basically a car show, with at least 30 machines on display (plus they had so many cars they had to turn away some last-minute entrants, generally unheard of). BSA was the featured marque this year in the bike class, and ironically not a single BSA won an award despite some top-drawer machines. You’d think there would be a special “best BSA” nod, but I guess not. That said, I was in no danger of winning said mythical cup–my machine is no slouch but the Super Rocket next to me was truly lovely and there were plenty of other really nice beezers.

Vintage Motorcycles at Van Dusen

Despite a few spits of rain the weather was pretty darn nice both days. Who knows, maybe the MGB GT will be done in time to take it up next year. Given that I’m waiting on a couple of typically glacial Moss back-orders, that’s still pretty iffy.


  1. Kevin Teabag

    Dang! Wish I could have been there. I do think there should been a special BSA class as a featured marque. Anyway, you got to show ‘er off.

  2. Don

    I would immigrate if they would let me. My family came from Ontario to California in 1923. BC looks like the most beautiful place on earth. And they love British cars and bikes there as well. Maybe your British cars and bikes would give you some cred should you decide to move north.


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