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Front Seats in GT

New interior, 1967 MGB GT

Got the front seats in today–they look pretty good…better than they did in the front hall, anyway. They aren’t quite as red as shown in this shot, the photo below is more akin to their true color.

New interior, 1967 MGB GT

Never did find the seat belt half. Drat.

New interior, 1967 MGB GT


  1. Allie


  2. Don

    Looks like it just left Abingdon! Where did you purchase the seat kits?

  3. vincent

    Nice interior ! But i really don’t like the red wheels… Perhaps a more burgundy color would help. I think the GT is great without wires anyway (they were optional ?)

  4. Chris Keen

    Nice! Cool Alfa 2600SZ in the background there, I used to see one each year at the Stanford Concours.


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