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Most of the Interior

1967 MGB GT

Progress! I have most of the interior installed, but I need to buy some additional carpet; the cheapie kit I used didn’t come with any for the areas behind the rear wheel arches, next to the load floor. Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with how the interior is turning out, but concours champions can rest easy, this car won’t be competition. By the time I get done driving it a few miles it will look well lived-in anyway.

1967 MGB GT

I had an upholstery shop install the seat covers–mainly because this Moss Motors rear bench cover was incredibly ill-fitting. The shop did a nice job making it fit (which they should have at the price, sigh).

Somehow, I have lost half of one seat belt from the new set I bought. Par for the course!

Just for the red wheel haters, I’ll include a shot of the other side of the car, still sitting on the test wheels. (I do think these wheels are too bright, but I’ll definitely be cooking up some alternative set of wheels to go with the standard silver ones.)

1967 MGB GT


  1. chuck goolsbee

    A Lotus Esprit and TWO Lancias?

  2. Allie

    I want another picture of the resident peacock. Maybe it could be in the car. In the driver’s seat. After you put the seat in, I mean.

  3. Roger

    Chuck, the red car is a special-bodied Alfa Romeo. Behind it are two Lamborghini Jaramas. On the other side is a Lotus Esprit (which I find kinda tacky in its customized state) and a special bodied Fiat just peeking behind it. If you come down, I’ll take you over so you can poke around.

  4. Allie

    Chuck, be sure to bring your camera so you can get a picture of the peacock.

  5. chuck goolsbee

    I’ll bring the camera, but can’t promise any bird photos!

    getting really tired of rain… =\


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