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1967 MGB GT and 1954 BSA A10

I did a tremendous amount of work on the GT today…well, OK, I got the license plate lamps working. I took a few minutes afterwards to drive the old girl outside and take some photos, including this one with the BSA. (More after the jump.)

1967 MGB GT

Interior, 1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

Interior, 1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

The punch list on the GT, ignoring the installation of the stalled-waiting-for-parts overdrive transmission:

  • Final buff and detail, including a bit of wet sanding beforehand
  • Trim the area behind the rear wheels inside the car
  • Undercoat the wheel wells
  • Repaint the wheels (silver, for this set, anyway)
  • Cast in resin and finish a replacement interior mirror
  • Buy and install the half of the missing seatbelt

So we’re getting fairly close!

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  1. Allie

    I hardly know what to say. I’m not used to see one of your cars in such a state of togetherness. If it’s so close to being done, I guess I can order those magnetic dots now. ;) Don’t worry, I’ll put them on for you. I’m very good with the decorating.


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