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GT Odds and Ends

1967 MGB GT

The wheel wells are now painted with truck bed liner and I even cleaned the tires…the car looks much crisper. I still need to paint the wheels themselves, and the brake drums, too.

1967 MGB GT

I purchased some more of the carpet which was in my kit in order to finish the areas behind the rear wheels, which were not included in the set. (Evidence of my work in the photo above.) I need to create a pressboard panel (which I’ll carpet and hold in place with a snap) to cover the tail lights and their wiring.

You can see one of the maddening things about this carpet kit in this photo–nearly every piece of carpet was slightly too small. I ended up hiding any slightly short ends under seats and other out-of-the-way places, but the load floor is pretty difficult to fudge.

The punch list is getting shorter. Still to do: Interior mirror, final paint buff, wheels painted, the aforementioned interior tail light trims, and of course the tranny swap/engine detail which will now take place later this summer.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    wheels painted… red?

  2. Allie

    Chuck, I live in hope. I’ll go out and hide all his other paint right now.


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