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GT on eBay

I have the GT on eBay at the moment, moving it would be very helpful to seriously get the E-Type restoration moving again, sadly. I’m not sure eBay is the right venue, but it’s worth a shot, eh? You can see the auction here.


  1. KevinTeabag

    Nice job on the eBay ad. The interior shots were particularly nice. I think I would have had a lower starting bid with the reserve set at 15K. JMHO and GLWS!

  2. Roger

    I thought about a lower price and reserve, but it’s just easier to start it out where it will sell. Starting it at $5,000 (or whatever) isn’t ever going to see it get to the actual price it needs to sell at.

  3. KevinTeabag

    I beg to differ. I’ve sold a lot of stuff on eBay. Once the “money” gets going and you’ve got some bidders at each other, the reserve (if reasonable) is often met. Your method can get the job done, but most car eBayers have started with a lower bid with a reserve in place. Seems to get better results.

  4. walter minzes

    Hi … saw that the auction had ended and sent message regarding under-carrige photos. I really like the car but would love to see what the “bones” look like. I’m currently selling my 67 chevelle s.s . to a buyer on the 13th. Also have you given up on the speedo or will you make it operational for the new owner. Thanks in advance, Walt

  5. steve anderson

    Bring A Trailer would be a good place for this one – great car

  6. chuck goolsbee

    I submitted it to BAT, but they rejected it based on the asking price. Another reason to start lower and place a reserve.


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