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Everett Luftwaffe

My friend Matt and I dropped by Paine Field on the 6th of August to watch the Flying Heritage Collection fly one of their Focke-Wulf FW-190s along with their Messerscmitt BF-109 for “Luftwaffe Day.” This video, in its short, shaky glory, was shot from my Canon S95 pocket camera, so keep that in mind when eyeballing it.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    What? No Me-262? ;)

    Awesome video, thanks. I bet that could very well be the only airworthy FW-190 in the world! Amazing to see how small it is.

  2. KevinTeabag

    I think it is Chuck! I’m not sure if this flying example is scratch-built or is the real deal. Later 190’s had a larger engine and a longer snout. These later planes were very dangerous to the Allies the 190 was often refered to as the “Butcher Bird”. Someone built a flyable 3/4 scale 190 a few years agao.

  3. Roger

    It’s a genuine 190, from what I gather, and there are a few left flying. But this is the only flying with its original BMW radial engine. The other 190 the museum has is the only one of its kind left and is too historic to fly, though in theory it’s airworthy. The story on this was is it was recovered from Bavarian woods or some such.

  4. KevinTeabag

    I remember seeing photos of the 190 as found in the Bavarian woods. It was rough, but a lot of the plane was still there.


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