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ABFM 2011

[flickr id=”5976930245″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”] My friend Brent came over early Saturday morning to drive the GT to the All British Field Meet in Bellevue, and I rode the BSA down in convoy with him. The trip was relatively uneventful–only a couple of easily retrieved pieces fell off the BSA and the MGB seeped some oil from the oil cooler, but that was the extent of it.

The BSA took first place…out of two bikes. Can’t say I’m proud of that one. The GT, which took third last year when entered in the wrong category (MGB roadsters), this year was entered in the right category–and failed to place, out of eight GTs entered. It’s the curse of “shiny primer” and red wheels, by gum.


  1. Tom

    That’s a real shame since I think the gray and red rock.

  2. KevinTeabag

    I was afeared them red wheels would scare off any decent folk from voting for the Gypsy GT. Oh, wait, my wheels were the “right” color and I didn’t win either. Never mind.

  3. automobiliac

    That’s kind of shocking you didn’t place given your car’s otherwise pristine condition and general correctness other than the colors.

  4. Don

    Is the “did not place” show result the motivation fro putting the GT on Craigslist?

  5. Roger

    I couldn’t really care less about awards; I was just a little surprised with placing third in the wrong category last year and not placing this year. Car is for sale for other reasons.

  6. Bill H

    I took a picture of your car from exactly the same angle at the ABFM this year. I am not a regular visitor to your site, so I didn’t recognize it.

  7. Ernie Panizzoli

    Like your golden flash,, for sale????


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