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Farewell to the ’67 GT

1967 MGB GT

The GT left today on its journey to the Finger Lakes region of New York state, where it will live with its new caretaker. (The car was actually sold a month or so ago, but I had a few things to take care of and transport had to be arranged, but it’s gone now.)

This is a very nice machine; I’m sorry to see it go. I hope the new owner is happy with the car–long distance sales are tough. I have high standards and try to describe things accurately, but it’s difficult to tell what other folks may be happy with and what they might find disappointing. Hopefully lots of the former and not much of the latter, in this case!


  1. Don

    Replaced by an XJ6. You bank account will be drained, and you will never have free time again!

  2. KevinTeabag

    At least those red wheels won’t be causing those darn gypsies to hang around your neighborhood. What a relief.

  3. Roger

    If you note, I had to include a set of spare wheels so the new owner can have a set of silver wheels to put on the car.

  4. Ben E

    New York plates before it’s even on the truck?

  5. KevinTeabag

    I did note. That’ll teach ya’. I suppose you’ll miss those fetching gypsy girls and free palm readings.


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