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New Headliner in XJ6

1973 Jaguar XJ6, new headliner

It only took slightly longer than painting the Forth Bridge, but I have the new headliner installed in the Jaguar. I also rebuilt the headrests and re-glued the fabric on the back of the front seats. I think it all looks fine though, as with most things I do, doesn’t bear too close an inspection.

1973 Jaguar XJ6 - Old headliner

This is where we started from…

1973 Jaguar XJ6 - New headliner, rebuilt headrests

…and this is where we ended up. It’s not a terrible effort, though it’s definitely not concours or even particularly competent. I learned a fair amount, though, and would do it again. This is a task that would benefit from a spare set of hands–and I think only through doing a few would you get a feel for how to pull fabric and cut darts for a really smooth finish. I also think there must be a black art to re-installing foam-covered panels which need a good thump to seat without denting the fabric in a permanent way.

I’ll try to do a more detailed write-up in a future post.

1973 Jaguar XJ6

Finally got to drive the car again, after all that interior work (plus the exhaust and coolant overflow fixes). I definitely have a vibration under hard acceleration and going around bends, which probably means one, some or all of the six driveline u-joints need replacing. Funny thing–I did not notice this vibration before I started fixing stuff, so maybe I’ve introduced a new gremlin. Wouldn’t be the first time.


  1. Roger

    The vibration was from a worn out transmission mount. Replaced the spring and rubber donut thingy and all better.

  2. KevinTeabag

    Very nice job! Classy snug Jag for the cold weather months ahead.

  3. Ben E

    You’re a stud taking on that headliner yourself!

  4. j.groves

    excellent! the Forth bridge was much easier;though..I did it once!..again; well done…j


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