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Big Gauges, Master Cylinders


I have the two outer dashboard halves in the car now, and the speedometer and tach in place. I really need to finish the wiring…mostly routing it all and connecting the sub-harnesses together.


This looks like a backwards step, as the heater box and reservoir bottles had to be removed, but I got the newly sleeved master cylinders back and discovered that I had the pedal box set up incorrectly, which I had to take it out to fix. I am now an “expert” at disassembling and reassembling the box, not a skill I was really looking to add to my resume, but there you are.

Next up, I think, is the aforementioned wiring; then inner fenders, and rock guards; finally, engine into the car. Waiting on some parts, but hope to have the engine in the car in the next couple of weeks. We’ll see!

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  1. Kevin

    The cockpit now has a vintage aircraft look to it. Kinda cool. Maybe you should restore a Lancaster bomber next go-round.


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