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We Have Engine


The engine, gearbox and body are all back together for the first time in more than 10 years. I took some video and hope to edit it in the next couple of weeks to show the process of inserting it into the car.


I did surprisingly little damage, all things considered. I had three snafus, all relatively minor. One was not setting my hoist to the “1/2 ton” setting–I ran out of space to move the hoist and had to pull everything out and make the lifting arm longer.

Another was not removing the tach generator…I didn’t want to do that because it was nicely sealed, but I simply didn’t have enough space to get the engine in with it on. Finally, I thought that the engine stabilizer mount could be put into place as the engine was lowered into the car, but that’s not the case. No big deal, it was easier to put in than I remembered, and I had to modify the nut plate in any case to fit the reproduction bushing.


The water pump is more tedious to fit than the engine itself. You can’t get the pulley on with the pump in place, but you can’t get the longest bolt in place with the pulley on. I was finally able to do it, but it was not pretty.


  1. Brent

    One giant leap…for mankind. Man, the pumpkin orange and green painters tape make my eyes hurt.

    Any particular reason the bonnet and boot are open on the XJ6?

  2. jeff groves

    keep this up & you’ll end up in traction! splendid job all the way around…almost as nice as “g&t”‘s new grill&bumper!…later,..j


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