After sitting around for 12 years, the carbs went onto the car in the last couple of days…though there is still some work to do. The water rail needs a bit of work, hence it’s just lying in place here, and I need to fit the breather pipe and choke cable. But it’s starting to feel more like a car all the time.


The home plating I did on most of the fasteners is still OK, but definitely not all that comparable to “real” cad plating. And speaking of which, I need to get one of the linkage rods plated as somehow it was never done. Oh, well, more work for Queen City!

In this corner of the engine bay, I still need to fit the lower stone guards, torsion bar shields, the rubber sealing strips on the inner fender, undercoat the end of the sill panel (it may not have been done originally but I think it makes the car look much crisper) and decide whether to keep the reproduction Lucas motor on the windscreen washer, or see if my original can be resurrected. The original accepts three leads and the reproduction only accepts two. Not sure what the three were supposed to do, as it’s activated with a simple on/off switch…it’s not multi-speed or anything fancy. But the new loom has three leads…I suppose one could be tucked away.