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“Finished”…or Close

Drove the E-Type yesterday!


The list of things left to do is fairly small. Sadly, the porcelain on the new manifolds has failed again despite bedding them in correctly. I will probably leave it to the new owner to decide what to do; if I were keeping the car I would probably just get them coated with a matte-black coating like Jet Hot which might actually stay on the manifolds.

I’ve posted some more photos on 876073.com.


  1. steve in podunk

    Wow, It looks stunning, absolutely stunning.

  2. jeff groves

    WELL DONE!! and in the Queens 63rd year no less.. cheers! J. p.s. you should get a bloody V.C. for this, really. J.

  3. steve in podunk

    congrats on your sale


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